Introduction to Noshiro City

Noshiro City is located northwest of Akita Prefecture. The former Noshiro City and
Futatsui Town merged in Noshiro City at the present on 21 of March, 2006.
They had been tied strongly by Mother Yoneshiro River for a long time.

Noshiro City is filled with scenic places. You can visit the world natural heritage ‘Shirakami Mountains’ and the stretching mountains. In Futatsui area, there is ‘Kimimachizaka’ Park painted with seasonal varied colors. ‘Kaze no Matsubara’ (pine forest in the wind) is the result of predecessors’ exertion. You can see the magnificent stream of Yoneshiro River and the Sea of Japan reflects beautiful sunset.
In spring, cherry blossoms and azaleas bloom all over. In summer, ‘Noshiro Yaku-Tanabata’ Festival is held spectacularly. In autumn, a lot of people from in and out of Noshiro attend ‘Kimimachi-Futatsui Marathon’ and enjoy red leaves in the clear air. The picturesque snowy landscape blows the hard cold away in winter.
You will come across many scenes all through the year.

The traditional culture and customs of Noshiro City are our precious treasure. It has been developed by ancestors and will be kept by descendants.

Please visit the ‘City of Wood’, fascinating Noshiro. We will welcome you warmly.

Shirakami Mountains 

Kaze no Matsubara 


Noshiro Yaku-Tanabata

Kimimachi-Futatsui Marathon